AvTech Forum, India

Promoting Innovation, Safety, Economic Growth and Social Development in the Aviation Sector

AvTech Forum, India (ATFI) works to facilitate favourable policy and legislative ecosystem required for the development of the aviation industry, while advancing the interests of its members. It looks to create and sustain a suitable business environment by working closely with members, regulatory authorities, policy makers and other stakeholders. It facilitates sharing of best practices, offers opportunities of networking and consensus building on key issues in addition to enhancing business opportunities.


As a member of ATFI you benefit from access to numerous opportunities. We will aid your effort in creating partnerships and forging networks. As a partner in policy creation we will, through close linkages with the Government, channelize your inputs to create suitable policy and regulatory framework. Our approach focuses on creating win-win solutions for our partners.


ATFI aspires to be platform for thought leadership. It actively engages with experts in the field to producing high quality research and policy papers. ATFI’s views are often present in the news media. ATFI also serves as platform for publication by young researchers and scholars.


ATFI events offer significant transformative benefits to businesses and brands.

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