July 2016
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Arihant Fittings

Arihant Fittings is the most outstanding professional business players in the manufacturing of Non Return Valves & believes in serving the clients with 100% satisfaction. More than half of the turnover bagged from export business.

Arihant Fittings Inc., having subsidiary companies cum partners, which operates worldwide to serve our valuable customers.

We are good in fast-reacting, flexible, and strive to offer the best possible services. We never let down our client & their respective business even in exceptional working pressure condition too.

As a truly customer oriented company we embrace all cultures and work beyond legal boundaries of local & International bodies.

We as Arihant Fittings Inc., are always in sync with the development of new trendsetting products that are produced & also the existing ones that are in constant process of upgradation. Relentless innovation will always be the base for our technology leading products. We never forget that satisfied customers lead companies to great corporate success for centuries.

We are certified with renowned standards, which includes ISO 9001, API 600 etc. We have customer-focused strategies and intend to uphold & increase our stature to provide top quality Non Return Valves from urban to the global market.

Non Return Valves

Non Return Valves

Arihant Fittings Non Return Valves

Salient Features

  • Versatile articulate design, 80 to 90% lighter than a conventional full body checks valve.

  • Reduces channel bolsters, it improves funnelling, less expensive establishment.

  • The reduced danger to cross pollution in procedures.

  • 100% helium leak test approved & guaranteed sure shot performance.

  • Spring Loaded dual fold entry way outline has a low weight.

  • Disc open 80% to guarantee to shut.

  • Materials & trims accessible for administrations inside temperature range.

  • Low-pressure drop.

  • Traps water in centre cavity in closed position

  • Rubber to Metal OR Metal to Metal seat accessibility.

  • Can be damaged if used for throttling

  • Rapid opening.


A Non Return Valves is a unidirectional valve which ensures the medium flow through a pipe in a right direction, where pressure conditions may otherwise cause reverse flow. This flow causes a large pressure drop, which has to be taken into account when designing the eloquent system. There are different types of non return valves enrolled, e.g. swing type, spring-loaded and flapper type valves. This kind of valves are used with mixing loops in heating & cooling systems to ensure proper operation, & with domestic water systems to prevent back-flow.
Accredited with required market and acceptable legal certification, which includes ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 18001:2007, we permit test certification according to the ISO 17025 standard laboratories. We are the reputed member of many distinguish agencies like MASSA, EEPC, FICCI, FIEO and Indian Merchant Chambers…..


We at Arihant Fittings are equipped with the latest technological tools, machines and skilled engineers strive to deliver all gradients of orders (either small or big) to all offshore customers with respect to the given committed time frame. We pay lot of attention and have strict qualitative measures right from the procurement of right raw materials till the final product get released in the market. We are the deserving and customer’s first choice for manufacturer cum exporter in valves. We have the great sense in providing effective Business Solutions to a different group of clients in and around the world with precision.
Some of the common usage of application:
Oil and petrochemical
Power era
Food and drink generation
Pulp and paper
Steam and condensate lines
Process lines
Hot and chilly water frameworks
Heating frameworks
Thermal oil frameworks


We are the leading non return valves manufacturer.The non return valves with spring: it is made from the same body with GRPP OR PVDF ball valve but without the spindle. It is available from DN 15 – 100. It can be connected to the piping through external / internal threaded ends, PP, PE, PVDF and plain sockets end.
The non return valves are having the advantageous feature, that it can be positioned in any way (horizontal or vertical). It ensures the perfect grip. Non return valves can be fitted with a 316 stain steel spring or as an option with a Hastelloy.
This product is available with UPVC, PPH or PVDF material, from DN 50 to 300 (larger possible on request), horizontal only and set-up between two flanges. The main advantage of the swing check valve is its small size and its good value for money. The double union ball checks valve: available in PVC, PP and PVDF material are in vertical set-up position with plain socket ends. DN 25 to 200. The double union ball check valve offers a low price. The flanged full bore and swing non-return valve: available in PPH, PVD and PVC from DN 25 to 200. Horizontal set-up is  only used & give flanged connections to piping. The major advantage of this product bears with full-bore capabilities.

Kinfolk Magazine

Our clients range from FTSE 300 companies, to large charitable organisations and some small local businesses who are striving to expand. Most of our clients use our Data Analysis service to inform their strategic decision Our clients range from FTSE 300 companies, to large charitable organisations and some small local businesses who are striving to expand.


We have the large compilation of 3 Heavy Punch Machines, 12 Lathe Machines, 21 CNC Machines and 5 Dye Machines. We produce large volume at a crest in a 24/7 shift plan that means we target a bulk number of assembled units on a monthly basis. Add on to that we have in-house testing provision e.g. PMI Machine, Ultrasonic Testing, Hardness Test, Mechanical test, spectral machine, Hydrostatic Testing, manual inspection of gauge and Pressure testing. Our production varies from snubber, condensate pots, manifolds, instrumentation valves and custom designed valves. Valves Manufacturers can be fabricated in threads like NPT, BSPT & BSPP.

We at Arihant Fittings always have a keen focus on qualitative parameters which enables a stress-free précised Non return valves to our esteemed clients. Our skilled engineering group which work closely on all checks comply with strict guidelines till the product get released in the market.


We are strongly focused on Customer Satisfaction at Arihant Fittings Manufacturing Unit.


Our authentic Trademark becomes the symbol of quality, trust and on-time delivery.


Constant communication and regular follow up always makes good factor to customers.


Our skilled patrons are our great strength and foundation to our sound business development.


We are always constantly striving to improve flaws in our manufacturing process system.


Deliver quality Ball valves to our client, help to cater their needs & requirements.


We usually take quick action on customer feedback and response.


We at Arihant Fitting are backed by all the necessary universally approved and accredited certification which are incorporated with ISO 14001:2007, 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2004 and CE-PED 97/23/EC.

We as  non return valves supplier supply the goods  with required documents prior to dispatch of the product from home mill unit, such as packing list, commercial invoice, Test Reports, HS Code, Country of Origin attested by the chamber of commerce, Fumigation Certificate, Warranty Letter, and Base Material Certificates.

Needle valve fittings are wrapped in specialised carton wooden boxes with brand identity labelled on the top. All the fittings thread is covered by a cap made up of plastic so that it can prevent the item from damage during transit. It is assembled with polythene clutch bag which is lined up with master polythene clutch bags having respective lot number. All these bags contain unique identification tags to ease the assembling process. Then all the fittings are packed in master carton boxes, which have the required lot number cum purchase order information of the client. We follow all this process so that the customer is able to track or identify the ordered product safely at receiving end. We are giving emphasis on packing as much as production and like to make the seamless buying experience for the customer.

On customer’s request, we provide the free sample kit against confirmed purchase order copy. The client just needs to share his/her interest through our digital online web link.

We believe in providing competitive but quite economical pricing to clients irrespective of high pricing of the goods in the name of supplier commission.
We do comply with same day shipping of goods policy once we get approved confirmation of order receipts from respective or potential clients.
Our team of expert will give firm guidelines and advise the layman clients too and make  their buying experience to next level with simplicity.
We make world class buying experience for clients. This makes the client to revert back with sound feedback and this will lead to reimbursement of bulk orders and mouth to mouth marketing for our esteemed group.
Marking and identification are crucial roles when it comes to product’s detailing especially when the product need to be exported from one destination to another. Secondly, Heat Number Traceability is kind of water mark on the product which eliminates the piracy of the products and saves the clients from getting dupe from middle men or external negative practitioner.

We have remarkable global presence in 45 countries including UAE, UK, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Kuwait, Peru, Nigeria, Poland, South Africa, Denmark, Turkey, Egypt, Venezuela, Kuwait, Madagascar, Angola & Sri Lanka.