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Arihant Fittings

Arihant Fittings, A truly customer oriented company which embrace all cultures & law abiding corporation which work beyond legal boundaries of local & International government bodies.
Arihant Fittings Inc., having subsidiary companies cum partners, which operates worldwide to serve our valuable customers.
We work on process solutions which always have the keen and clear vision for the products of tomorrow.
We are good fast-reacting, flexible and strive to offer the best possible services. We never let down our client & their respective business even in exceptional working pressure condition.

We at Arihant Fittings Inc. are always in sync with the development of new trendsetting products (double block & bleed valves) that are produced also existing ones are in constant process of upgradation. Relentless innovation was and is the base for our technological advanced products. We know that satisfied customers lead to great corporate success for centuries.
We are certified with renowned standards, which includes ISO 9001, API 600 etc. We have customer-focused strategies and intend to uphold & increase our stature to provide top quality double block & bleed valves from urban to the global market.

Double Block & Bleed Valves

Double Block & Bleed Valves

Arihant Fittings Double Block & Bleed Valves

Salient Features

  • Double body gasket

  • Controlled stem and stuffing box finish

  • Anti- blowout proof stem

  • API-622 Low-E Stem Packing Standard

  • Quarter Turn Operation

  • Full / Reduced Port

  • Anti-static service

  • Fire-safe test approved

  • Flow capacity

  • Welded or bolted body

  • Uninterrupted flow for negligible pressure drop

  • Locking Handle Standard

  • True Dual Positive Isolation

  • Optional Extended Handle with lockout

  • Low torque output ‘longevity of life

  • Reduced stresses from loading and vibration

  • Designed and engineered on a case-by-case basis

  • Field repairable locking device

  • SIL-3 Capable per IEC 61508

  • Flange integrated body design


We have the largest stock of double block & bleed valves. We are totally customer focused organised group in this cut-throat challenging market. Our instant delivery model serves the fastest dispatch procedure on the bank transfer copy receipt.

The primary functionality that leads by double block & bleed valves system is for isolation and the second one is for intervention. Generally, this system is needed to prevent product contamination, where it is important to remove essential equipment for the service for cleaning or repair, besides this other part of unit continues with the operation. The nature of fluids, pressure system, temperature & many other factors taken into keen consideration while determining the need for double block & bleed valves System technology.

Usually, block valves should be confined for on-stream isolation of equipment if the fluid is flammable or hazardous or if the fluid contains high pressure / high temperature. Double Block valves use an NPS 3/4 or bigger bleed valve and it should be installed between the Block valves.

We specifically designed & develop for most of the major oil refineries where safety & reliability are critical. These Valves are designed and accompanied with ASME B16.34.

PBM double block & bleed valves allow dual isolation. This kind of configuration deals with the best technology for most of the severe isolation services where double block & bleed is required. Its 2 independent sealing members include two ball & seat combinations. Two separate actuating mechanisms include 2 stems & handles OR actuators).

There are two entities in the United States that define Double Block & Bleed (DBB) the American Petroleum Institute (API) & the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). API is a trade organisation that acts as a researcher for America’s oil and natural gas industry, outlining many industry guidelines for safe operation. OSHA is the branch of the United States Department of Labor that is charged with enforcing health and safety legislations, outlining legislation that protects both people and our environment.

On the lines of API 6D “Specification for Pipeline Valve” standards, a double block & bleed valves are a “single valve with two seating surfaces that in the closed position permits a seal with respect to pressure for both ends of the valve, with a means of venting or bleeding the cavity between the seating surface.” API also share the info that the valve does not provide positive dual isolation when the only side is under pressure.

In contrast, the OSHA Federal regulation describes DBB as “the closure of a line, duct / pipe by closing, locking, tagging, and two in line valves & by opening, locking, and tagging, a drain or vent valve in the line between the two closed valves.”

API allows DBB valves to be one single valve with two unidirectional seats, while the OSHA standard can only be achieved with two separate valves with a method to bleed pressure. Some valves that utilise a twin valve designated design. It can be done by combining two valves into one body, a twin valve design reduces weight & potential leaks paths, with respect to work on OSHA requirements for double block & bleed valves.

Valve associations usually choose to follow either API’s / OSHA’s. DBB includes. For e.g., the British Valve & Actuator Association (BVAA) defines double block & bleed valves as “a manifold that combines one or more isolation valve, usually deals with ball valves, & one or more bleed / vent, usually a needle type global valve, into one assembly for interface with other components (example, as pressure measurement transmitters, pressure gauges, & switches).”

BVAA, like API, defines DBB capabilities in which only, one valve is required. According to BVAA, “DBB valves replace the previous conventional technique which is employed by pipeline engineers to create a double block & bleed valves configuration in the pipeline, generally by fabricating 3 valves using flanges, Tee pieces, & associated bolting.”

Double isolation & Bleed (DIB) is another term in the industry that makes the debate about DBB even more confusing. API defines DIB as a “single valve with two seating surfaces, each of which is in closed position. It provides a seal against pressure from a single source with the source of venting or bleeding the cavity between the seating surfaces.” This feature can be given in one direction / in both directions.

The difference between API’s DBB and DIB is that a double block & bleed valves seals against pressures from both sides of the valve, besides the Double Isolation & Bleed valves provide an add-on seal against pressure from only one side. It is important to use a DIB valve instead of a DBB valve in applications that require an additional pressure barrier that seals separately of the main pressure barrier. This is important to fulfil certain operational safety requirements according to the nature of the service e.g. such as low tolerance for leakage and the cleanliness of the fluid.

Another big difference between DIB and DBB is the ability to relieve pressure. Generally, with a DBB valve, there are 2 unidirectional self-relieving seats. This kind of seat does not rely on outside mechanism that is used to relieve pressure. On the other hand, a DIB valve utilises one / two bi-directional seat. The valve provides double isolation from pressure at both end, but it persists with one operational drawback, a DIB valve cannot relieve body cavity pressure past the seats, its means that the seats are not self-relieving. When using a DIB valve, an external relief system is necessary to relieve pressure makeup.

A DBB or DIB valve can provide isolation in both the upstream and downstream directions, even in the high-pressure / high-temperature situation. Isolation plays the vital role in the cases where leakage through a valve could have major consequences.

Once the fluid is isolated, the bleed mechanism can drain the area between the two valves or two seating surfaces. This is very crucial for maintenance and for integrity check situations where leakage can be monitored.


We are used strict qualitative parameters measures right from the procurement of right raw materials till the final product get released in the market. We are the deserving and customer’s first choice manufacturer cum exporter in valves. We have the great sense in providing effective Business Solutions to the different group of clients in and around the world with precision.


Both DBB & DIB valves save space, reduce the need for costly multivalve systems. It provides zero leakage capabilities from upstream to downstream. The valve also allows for an integrity check of seat seals. Both valves can be used in a variety of applications and markets, such as LNG, petrochemical, transmission and storage, natural gas industrial processes, mainline and manifold valves in liquid pipelines, & refined products transmission lines.

DBB & DIB valves are used in applications where critical isolation is needed to ensure that leakage does not occur. Depending on the application & type of service, a wide range of DBB or DIB valve type’s options are available to fit specific needs. For e.g. in liquid service near waterways / municipalities, double-expanding gate valves with DBB capabilities. Generally preferred for critical isolation because of proving the tight mechanical seal, upstream and downstream, which is normally unaffected by pressure variations or vibrations.

DBB & DIB valves are used is the meter calibration market. Every closed valve in the meter system must seal drop tight. Even a small leak will cause errors in the meter calibration and the incorrect meter factor will persist until the next proving operation. This can cost end users huge sums of money. Choosing the correct API verified DBB or DIB valve can help ensure correct calibration.


We as double block & bleed valves manufacturer share some of the raw materials used, which are as follows:-

Standard Materials includes:
Stainless steel
Aluminium bronze.
Customer oriented guide for selecting the correct Double Block & Bleed Valves:
Ball, gate, globe, or needle configuration
Full or reduced bore
Manual level, gear, or actuator operated
Seat design
Service conditions and fluids
Performance requirements
Material compatibility
Flow pattern required

At ARIHANT FITTINGS only use seal material within their ‘Double Block and Bleed Valve’ range that is resistant to explosive decompression Customer will get following added advantages while purchasing the Double Block & Bleed Valves from us.

ADVANCED DESIGN: Our products assure the certification regarding latest international design specifications.

TOUGH HANDLES: 316 stainless steel, low torque, quarter turn handles will not rust in offshore service.

POSITIVE STOP PIN: A 316 stainless steel pin held into the body by a machine anti-vibration spline assures an absolute 90-degree turn.

Unique enclosed seats offer great process compatibility. Our approach achieves high levels of seat integrity at low & high pressures.

FIRE SAFE BALL VALVES: Go metal to metal in a fire to reduce leakage.

BALL: This precision machined component is super finished & assure low operating torques.

PRECISION PROCESS THREADS: Super finished screw cut – not tapped threads – used ultra-advance CNC machines ensure easy assembly & leak tight threads. It minimised the risk of galling.
SOLID BACK SEATED ANTI-BLOWOUT SPINDLE: Precision, rugged one-piece stem incorporates anti-blow out feature and maintains seal integrity at all pressures.
Twofold piece & drain framework is of disengagement and treats as an optional capacity for intercession.
With respect to certain conditions twofold piece & drain, patterns are expected to forestall item bullying, where it is important to expel important hardware from the administration for cleaning or repairs while the unit proceeds in operation.
Some valves must be furnished with an extra and it must be conceivable to sidestep it incidentally without closing down the unit.
Many things take into consideration some of which includes, the way of the liquid, its weight, temperature, & numerous varied variables are taken into considered while deciding the requirement for twofold square & drain frameworks or patterns.

Kinfolk Magazine

Our clients range from FTSE 300 companies, to large charitable organisations and some small local businesses who are striving to expand. Most of our clients use our Data Analysis service to inform their strategic decision Our clients range from FTSE 300 companies, to large charitable organisations and some small local businesses who are striving to expand.


We have the large compilation of 3 Heavy Punch Machines, 12 Lathe Machines, 21 CNC Machines and 5 Dye Machines. We produce large volume at the crest in a 24/7 shift plan that means we are used to target a bulk number of assembled units on a monthly basis. Add on to that we have in-house testing provision e.g. PMI Machine, Ultrasonic Testing, Hardness Test, Mechanical test, spectral machine, Hydrostatic Testing, manual inspection of gauge and Pressure testing. Our production varies from snubber, condensate pots, manifolds, instrumentation valves and custom designed valves. Valves Manufacturers can be fabricated in threads like NPT, BSPT & BSPP.


We at Arihant Fittings always have a keen focus on qualitative parameters which enables a stress-free précised valves to our esteemed clients. Our skilled engineering group which work closely on all checks comply with strict guidelines till the product get released in the market.


We are strongly focused on Customer Satisfaction at Arihant Fittings Manufacturing Unit.


Our authentic Trademark becomes the symbol of quality, trust and on-time delivery.


Constant communication and regular follow up always makes good factor to customers.


Our skilled patrons are our great strength and foundation to our sound business development.


We are always constantly striving to improve flaws in our manufacturing process system.


Deliver quality Ball valves to our client, help to cater their needs & requirements.


We usually take quick action on customer feedback and response.


We at Arihant Fitting are backed by all the necessary universally approved and accredited certification which are incorporated with ISO 14001:2007, 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2004 and CE-PED 97/23/EC.


We as  double block & bleed valves supplier supply the goods  with required documents prior to dispatch of the product from home mill unit, such as packing list, commercial invoice, Test Reports, HS Code, Country of Origin attested by the chamber of commerce, Fumigation Certificate, Warranty Letter, and Base Material Certificates.

Needle valve fittings are wrapped in specialised carton wooden boxes with brand identity labelled on the top. All the fittings thread is covered by a cap made up of plastic so that it can prevent the item from damage during transit. It is assembled with polythene clutch bag which is lined up with master polythene clutch bags having respective lot number. All these bags contain unique identification tags to ease the assembling process. Then all the fittings are packed in master carton boxes, which have the required lot number cum purchase order information of the client. We follow all this process so that the customer is able to track or identify the ordered product safely at receiving end. We are giving emphasis on packing as much as production and like to make the seamless buying experience for the customer.

On customer’s request, we provide the free sample kit against confirmed purchase order copy. The client just needs to share his/her interest through our digital online web link.

We believe in providing competitive but quite economical pricing to clients irrespective of high pricing of the goods in the name of supplier commission.
We do comply with same day shipping of goods policy once we get approved confirmation of order receipts from respective or potential clients.
Our team of expert will give firm guidelines and advise the layman clients too and make their buying experience to next level with simplicity.
We make world class buying experience for clients. This makes the client to revert back with sound feedback and this will lead to reimbursement of bulk orders and mouth to mouth marketing for our esteemed group.
Marking and identification are crucial roles when it comes to product’s detailing especially when the product need to be exported from one destination to another. Secondly, Heat Number Traceability is kind of water mark on the product which eliminates the piracy of the products and saves the clients from getting dupe from middle men or external negative practitioner.

We have remarkable global presence in 45 countries including UAE, UK, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Kuwait, Peru, Nigeria, Poland, South Africa, Denmark, Turkey, Egypt, Venezuela, Kuwait, Madagascar, Angola & Sri Lanka.