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Arihant Fittings

At Arihant Fittings, We marked a good repo in exporting welded steel pipes in worldwide network thru legalized channel business partners around the globe.We pride ourselves in having a well-driven customer focus in service & technical knowledge. Our state of the art equipment makes us industry leaders in producing small diameter, heavy wall & high strength pipe cum tubes.Arihant Fittings is a well versed organized group in a manufacturing of the quality product (welded steel pipes). We build the exceptional landmark in gaining clients trust with our valuable quality welded steel pipes in a b2b competitive business market segment. We are always looking forward to opportunities from all areas irrespective of harming to human, social and economic values.

The common question “Why do clients buy from ARIHANT FITTINGS?” is often asked. Clients / customers buy from ARIHANT FITTINGS because of high strength, tight tolerance, high quality, & excellent customer service. Clients are brought to ARIHANT FITTINGS via its reputation in the industry.There is a very strong committed inside sales team matched with technical expertise that is usually rarely found in the tubing industry. We also educate our layman clients on their request from our catalogues with respect to varied products. The information also helps clients to be more competitive or more productive in the processes.

Welded Steel Pipes

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Welded steel pipes

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Arihant Fittings Welded Steel Pipes

Salient Features

  • Economy

  • Strength

  • versatility & Reliability

  • Ease in dong installation

  • Backed by long life service span

  • High flow capacity

  • Sound Leak resistance


Welded steel pipes are tubular products made out of flat plates, profoundly called as kelp, which is formed, bent & arranged for welding. The most renowned process for large diameter tube uses a longstanding seam weld. In other words, we can say welded steel pipes are those that are welded together by the edges of an iron plate or kelp (a strip of metal) to form a tube.Welded steel pipes are alternative processes, radially weld formation allows large diameter tube to be produced from narrower plates or skelp. The flaws that occur in the spirally welded tube are mainly those associated with the weld and are similar in nature to those for longstanding welded tube.


  • Butt-welded joint configuration available with machine-beveled ends.
  • Welded Steel Pipe through 144″ (3600 mm), in accordance with the requirements of AWWA C200, ASTM A139, & ASTM A252.
  • Fittings & fabrications to support nearly unlimited joint or body configuration.
  • Joint lengths up to 55’ (nominal) for AWWA C200 and ASTM A139; lengths up to 80’ for ASTM A252.
  • Wall thicknesses through 1″.
  • Allowable yield strengths up to 70,000 psi.
  • Field Welded & Rubber Gasket Joints.
  • Lining — Water Service.
  • Cement mortar per AWWA C205.
  • Epoxy per AWWA C210.
  • Polyurethane per AWWA C222.
  • Lining — Sewer Service.
  • Ceramline sewer lining.
  • Polyurethane per AWWA C222.
  • Coating — Exterior.
  • Epoxy per AWWA C210.
  • Polyurethane per AWWA C222.
  • Tape Wrap System per AWWA C214.


  • The internal surface of welded tubes can be checked before manufacturing.
  • These are more readily available than seamless. The longer lead time required for seamless pipes can not only make timing problematic, but it also allows more time for the price of the materials to fluctuate.
  • They are typically more cost effective than their seamless equivalents.
  • The wall thickness of welded pipes is generally more consistent than that of seamless pipes.


We as welded steel pipes manufacturer, use good quality raw materials.

Internal Diameter (ID) of welded steel pipes: –

1/16inch to 14 inches, wall thickness as per specification.

Grades in Stainless Steel 300 Series of welded steel pipes: –

304 , 304L , 304H , 309S , 309H ,310S ,310S , 316 ,316L ,317L ,321 ,321H ,347, 347H.

Grades in Stainless Steel 400 Series of welded steel pipes: –


Alloy Steel Grades in welded steel pipes: –

Alloy 20, 200, 400,600,601,625,825H, 825HT, C276, 904L.

Duplex Steel Grades at welded steel pipes:

Duplex 2205.

6 Moly Grades in welded steel pipes: –


We are fully operational and make a convincing mark on the globe with joint collaboration of our esteemed business partners, so that we are capable of providing fine quality products to over 45 countries including UAE, UK, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Kuwait, Peru, Nigeria, Poland, South Africa, Denmark, Turkey, Egypt, Venezuela, Kuwait, Madagascar, Angola & Sri Lanka.


These are used in several applications across different industries:
Aircraft parts & racing cars:

These tubes are fitted on the wing of an aircraft in order to measure the aircraft speed.

Some major industrial applications:

It include measuring liquid flow and air flow in tubes and channels, ducts, and stacks during construction.

We as welded steel pipes supplier give good care in packaging of finish goods (welded steel pipes). We usually recommend to do surface cleaning to remove all impurities within the stock. When it get dried up, then later on it is used to wrap within with thin layered plastic sheets. All the required ends are protected by plastic cap to avoid any unexpected damages with respect to transition from one place to another during transit. At last but not the least the tubing is bundled with bubble wrap followed by colored plastic goonies or set of bundles.The outer rope is tied to protect the tubing which are packed in wooden box as final finishing to the qualitative packaging.We follow all this process so that the customer will able to track or identified its ordered product safely at receiving end. We are giving emphasis on packing as much as production and like to make seamless buying experience for customer.We provide tube with required documents prior to dispatch of tube from home mill unit, such as packing list, commercial invoice, Test Reports, HS Code, Country of Origin attested by chamber of commerce, Fumigation Certificate, Warranty Letter, and Base Material Certificates.On client request we also provide a free sample kit against purchase order copy. The client just need to click on “Request your free sample kit now!” button on our digital online web link.

Stainless Steel Pipe Polishing:
Arihant Fittings can provide polish of Stainless steel pipe item to a #4 polish, #6 Polish, #7 polish or a #8 mirror finish. Stainless steel polished pipes can also be cut to size.
Heatreating & Annealing:
Some grades of stainless steel pipe can be heatreated to change its mechanical property.
Positive Material Identification (PMI):
We do in house testing for most of the stainless steel grades. We can work with independent labs to complete PMI in order to meet customer requirement.
UT Testing:
UT testing is quite prominent for the stainless steel plates may be required. We can assist you with this requirement.
Stainless Steel Pipe Honing / Turning:
It is using a precision abrasion process in order to obtain a desired finish / close dimensional tolerance.
Stainless Steel Pipe Beveling:
It can bevel the edges of stainless steel plate to prepare for welding and other processes.

We do comply with same day shipping of goods policy once we get approved confirmed order receipts from respective or potential clients.
We make world class buying experience for clients. So that the client will revert back with sound feedback and this will leads to reimbursement of bulk orders and mouth to mouth marketing for our esteemed group.

The prominent tube manufacturer, Arihant Fittings is backed by all the necessary world class certification which incorporated with ISO 14001:2007, 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2004 and CE-PED 97/23/EC.

Protective Coatings replaced over field welds.

Longitudinal Stress limited by the strength of welds

High strength & stiffness (modulus of elasticity).

Reliable because of their toughness (ductility).

Transportation & installation of steel tubes are expedited because of light.

Weight & toughness leads to tolerance for forces, deformations and impacts that fracture brittle materials.

They are versatile because of its ductility, & because of common procedures for cutting and welding.

Special sections can be fabricated to meet virtually any requirement. They can be provided in virtually any size & strength.

Steel tubes are cost effective over the design life of the tube.

Buried tubes are the “guts” of our civil engineered infrastructure — the delivery system for many of our increasing demands for supply service.

Steel tubes will figure significantly in the world’s growing infrastructures.

Buried tube must be designed which leads to both the tube and the soil embedment.We are the fellow member of various acclaimed Chambers of Commerce and agencies which comprises of FICCI, Indian Merchant of Chamber association, EEPC, MASSMA, FIEO etc. We are dealt with 1 year warranty regarding product replacement without any further questioning. We are 100% sure for our in house tested zero defect tube and 3 layer inspection control of mechanical test, chemical test, dimension assessment, pressure test and gauge test. We are normally packed with loads of orders this is why we schedule 90 days prior in advance to avoid last minute rush.
Our well defined Quality System also includes:

Pre-Control Charting

FMEA (Potential Failure Mode Effects Analysis)

PPAP (Pre-Production Approval Process)

Control Plans

SPC (Statistical Process Control)

APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning)

8D Problem Solving Analysis

MSA (Measurement Systems Analysis)

DOE (Design of Experiments Analysis)

Our universal style of manufacturing facilities to perform three types of welding processes:
Electric Resistance Welding:

During ERW, a high frequency electrical current is transmitted to the material by means of copper sliding contacts so that the abutting edges initiate fusion as they come into closer contact.

Spiral Submerged Arc Welding:

Spiral SAW allows large diameter pipes to be produced from narrower plates / skelps. During this process, the weld pool is protected against oxidation by a flux produced from the electrode fed separately onto the weld.

Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welding:

The butt joint of the pipe is welded in at least two phases, one of which is on the inside of the pipe. The welds are made by heating with an electrode arc between the bare metal electrodes. Pressure is not used. Filler metal for the welds is obtained from the electrodes.

ERW Methods of Manufacturing Welding Pipes:

Electric Resistance Welding (ERW):

ERW – Electric Resistance Welding, is nothing but a rotary copper electrode, which is used for mild steel tube ranges from 0.250 to 0.375 inch in diameter. This process is suitable for the smallest diameters, as the impeders needed for high freq. welding cannot fit into the tiny tubes. Welding transformer rotates, the copper electrodes come into contact with the tube edges, heating them so that they can be welded.
UOE Press Long Weld Method:

It is manufactured by welding steel plate formed into a cylinder by a C press, a U press & an O press. This welding method is inclined to manufacture UO tubes is hence known as seam welding. In developing a high-strength UO tube, it is absolutely necessary to design a weld metal which is compatible with the base metal. As a matter of fact, weld metal design is an indispensable element in the development of any new UO tube.
Contineuous Weld Method (CWP):

It is nothing but a small diameter products manufactured using continuous welding process. They are primarily utilized for the supply of gas & water at low costs with higher productivity to maintain efficiency. CWP are treated as the lowest cost variants among all steel pipes, tubes & find use informative applications, plumbing applications, & other low-pressure applications.
Spiral Weld Method:

It is one of the most cost effective ways to produce steel tube. We use to offer varying degree of flexibility, allowing for a wide range of tube diameters & wall thicknesses to be produced. As a result, Skyline Steel is able to offer spiral weld products to many structural & non-structural markets at the most economical cost. Steel is continuously fed into the mill, edges are prepared & the tube is welded on the inside diameter (ID) & outside diameter (OD) thus generating full penetration welds.
Flash Welding Method:

It is the kind of resistance welding that does not use any filler metals. The pieces of metal to be welded are set at a calculated distance based on material composition, material thickness, & desired properties of the finished weld. Power (electrifying current) is passed on to the metal, the gap between the two pieces creates resistance, produces the arc required to melt & mould the metal. Once the pieces of metal reach the proper temperature, they are pressed together, effectively forging them together.