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Schedule of Benefits

Membership type Joining Fee* Annual Fee* Participation in Governance Representation on Committees Participation of associates Research Reports & Journals Webinars, Seminars and Workshops
Founding Partner Rs 5 Lakhs only Rs 50,000 only Permanent representation on the Governing Council leadership from amongst Founding Partners Preference as Chair and Co-Chair of the committees; Permanent representation from amongst Founding Partners Invitation to 3 associates/subsidiaries/sister companies with no joining fee and no annual fee for a period of 2 yrs Free of Cost Nil upto 5 nominees; Participation fee at 50 % discount for others
Corporate Partner Rs 2 Lakhs only Rs 20,000 only Permanent representation as member of the Governing Council from amongst Corporate Partners Permanent representation from amongst Corporate Partners Invitation to 1 associate/subsidiary/sister company with no joining fee and no annual fee for a period of 2 yrs At 50% discount Nil upto 2 nominees; Participation fee at 25 % discount for others
Member Rs 10,000 only Rs 2,500 only No special preference Permanent representation from amongst regular members NA At 20% discount Participation fee at 10 % discount
Honorary Member Nil Nil Special invitee if required Special invitee if required NA No discount No discount
*plus applicable GST

AvTech Forum of India (ATFI) is an organization comprising of industry and non-industry players in the aviation sector. With an aim to promote innovation, safety, economic growth and social development in the aviation sector, ATFI will work closely with the members and policy makers to facilitate sharing of best practices and promotion of a conducive policy and legislative ecosystem while advancing the interests of its members.